What are the options for HDMI connectors?

What are the options for HDMI connectors? 

 HDMI cables feature a variety of connector formats that allow the wiring solutions to be used for everything from televisions and projectors to smartphones and tablets. With so many connectors available, let's take a look at each option and the various specifics of the different solutions.


Standard HDMI ConnectorType A Connectors - Standard HDMI Connector
The HDMI connector features a male plug with dimensions of 13.9 mm × 4.45 mm and a female plug with 19 pins and dimensions of 14 mm × 4.55 mm. The standard HDMI cable can handle all of the core functions you'd expect in terms of carrying various video signal types. Furthermore, the connector carries electrical signal compatible with single-link DVI-D cables, making it easy to use various adaptors without experiencing signal degradation




HDMI Mini Cable Connector

Type C Connectors - HDMI Mini Connector
These smaller HDMI connectors are designed for portable devices and, therefore, manage to get all 19 pins of connectivity into a connector with a form factor of 10.42 mm × 2.42 mm.





HDMI Micro Connector Type D Connectors - HDMI Micro Connector
As the name implies, the Micro Connector is even smaller, coming in at6.4 mm × 2.8 mm, bust still featuring 19 pins. The pins are, however, in a different configuration.






Type E Connectors - HDMI Automotive Connection System
These connectors, designed specifically for use in automobiles, feature a specialized locking tab and relay connector to make the solution work well within cars, trucks and similar settings.


Looking broadly at HDMI connectors
On the whole, these HDMI connectors deliver comparable performance, but in form factors that make the wiring technology applicable in a variety of settings. However, there is an emerging connector that is designed to improve performance through an internal cabling infrastructure that demands a wider connector.


Type B Connectors - A potentially important solution not currently in use
Type B connectors are being developed as an option to carry video at resolutions of up to 3,840×2,400. The technology is not in use at this time.

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